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I Help People Create a
Brighter Future

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Dr. Gary is the Creator of the Successful 7 Virus Word Strategy. This linguistic strategy based on the science of neuro-linguistic programming has helped thousands of people build better relations, change business strategies, and create happier futures.

Dr. Gary is a charismatic executive, mentor, coach, and speaker with a warm personality filled with genuine caring and the ability to translate his ideas into clear, proven, successful techniques.


My message is one of helping my audiences and individual clients recognize you are not victims of circumstances in your life or powerless to make monumental changes.  You can make adjustments, make a difference, and do it in a very short time frame with advanced rapid behavior techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Gary Daniel PH.D. 



Sound Practical Advice From The Internationally Recognized Motivation and Performance Specialist

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